My poor husband.

I’ve written before about him dabbling with vegetarian feelings.  Well, I came home the other night and he was watching Forks Over Knifes.  That’s a serious cry for help.

The world is starting to align itself against him.  He lives with me. His father has recently gone vegetarian because of his diabetes.

So the husband is trying it – with caveats.  He doesn’t want to be vegan.  He isn’t promising that he’ll never eat fish.  I’m sure there are more but I just nod.

He says that when he doesn’t eat meat he feels lighter and cleaner.  He is having troubles with energy though.  I gently explained that that happens to new vegetarians because they don’t eat enough calories.  He didn’t just eat some meat.  He ate large quantities at a time.  Just taking out meat at dinner easily cut 1000 calories from his diet.  He doesn’t need to replace them all but he needs to replace more than he is.

Yesterday he told me that he ate some eggs before his workout and he felt better.  “Protein, hah!”

“Eggs are more calorie dense so you got more energy out of a similar volume of food than just vegetables alone.  Protein doesn’t break down and give energy easily.  Biochemistry, hah!”

He told me to quit being a doctor.  I take that to mean quit contradicting his notions with science.

So for Valentine’s Day I set him up with another woman – a nutritionist.  She is a vegan so she is well versed in vegetarian nutrition.  She can help him with his energy questions and tell him what I’m telling him but it will be real because she’s not his wife.