I had a plan that I wanted to donate at least one quilt on Tuesday. While trying to finish one quilt I repeatedly started breaking needles. When the last needle shattered and the point flew up and hit my face I figured that I should take a bit of a break. I can finish and donate it next week.

Then I decided that I should make a nice holiday meal for the husband. I would make it on Tuesday since I was off that day (and now not travelling to donate a quilt). I made a plan and went shopping. But I neglected to eat anything all day so by the time I was starting to make dinner I was starving. I needed to eat right then. So I made something quick for me. Then I wasn’t interested in making dinner. But the husband didn’t come home until really late so I was hungry again and made very yummy enchiladas with mushrooms, black beans, and cottage cheese for the filling.

I wanted to do some sort of ritual something for the sunrise on Yule. But, the sunrise was at 7:50 AM. I had to leave for work at 7:15. I had started thinking about songs with the word “sun” in them. I couldn’t come up with a lot so I started searching online. I got this site. It is a bunch of ’60s kids science songs. I personally like The Conservation Song for the number of huge words they managed to work into a song and the Eohippus song because who would have thought of setting the evolution of a horse to music?

When I leaving yesterday morning I woke up the husband to say goodbye. I said, “Happy Yule.” He said it back. I didn’t think much of it. But I met him for lunch and he told me very proudly that he had been wishing some of his business contacts Happy Yule. I asked if he or they knew what it meant. He told me that it was a pagan holiday. Then I explained that it was the shortest day of the year. I’m not entirely sure he believed me about that. It cracks me up to think of him wishing Happy Yule to people. He’s the most out-of-the-closet non-pagan pagan I know.

I also planned to exchange gifts on Yule. We had discussed this. Apparently it slipped my mind that I am married to a man. He is going to go gift shopping today.

Then after work last night two people from the office and I went to a mall. I had to drive them. This mall is nearby but to them it might as well be on the other side of the moon. It is a big decision to go. They won’t drive there themselves. Then they get all flustered by the hustle and bustle around them. Highly entertaining even if we had to spend 45 minutes in Coach store letting one decide what color of purse she wanted.

I just love I’ve always hated short days. I get all happy with the thought that the short days are over. So Happy Yule everyone!