It is the end of week 3 of my Body for Life challenge. Now I’m starting to see results. I don’t understand them but I’ll take it.

Weight loss – Absolutely none

But yesterday I decided to try on my size 14 non-stretchy jeans. I dug them out of the closet where I had banished them the last time they refused to fit properly. They fit fine. Then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to go to the way back of the closet and get out the size 12 stretchy jeans. I got these when I was at my smallest post-breakup. I was 30 lbs lighter than now.

They fit! I wore them all day. I could work “Did you know that I’m wearing my smallest pair of jeans?” into multiple conversations. Then I had to get a new pair of work pants so I tried on size 12s that didn’t have a vested interest in pleasing me. They had only 1% spandex so that’s halfway to non-stretchy 12s and they fit too!

I was so happy that I upped my weight on lower body day. Now my butt is sore. I think I need to up my cardio intensity. I love to lift weights but I’m a cardio wimp. But I need to do it to jump start the weight loss.