I’m supposed to be in California right now. I was hired to judge a trail ride but the park where it was being held was/is on fire and the firefighters are living in the campground we were going to use.

I’m taking the SO and Z to my parents’ for the weekend. It was his idea. He’s been to family stuff before but she hasn’t. I didn’t want to take her before because her behavior was so horrible. But she’s been doing well on her meds so we’ll see.

Tomorrow we are driving up there and going to a small amusement park and possibly the beach. That’s a weird idea for me. No one goes to the beach. Everyone goes near the beach on the bike trails but only tourists go on the sand in the summer. Don’t ask me why but that’s how it is. Natives go on the sand and look at Lake Erie in the winter. Insanity. It is pretty in the winter though. Secluded and quiet.

Then we are having a family picnic on Sunday. Hopefully Z won’t get overstimulated and go crazy. We are coming home on Monday.