From the continuing saga of It’s Hard to Be Freckles:

Our neighbor stopped by the other day while he was walking his dog. The SO let them in.

Freckles and the neighbor dog, G, have a history. G barks at Freckles when they see each other on walks. Freckles once chased G back home when they were at another neighbor’s house. G is an older Jack Russel. She is bossy, opinionated, and terribly French. All those stereotypes people in the U.S. have about French people? They must have been started by someone who met G. She spends several months each summer in France and looks down her nose at any dog who doesn’t.

So Freckles was understandably horrified that her daddy invited G inside. We might as well have gleefully invited in a vampire. G was barking at Freckles, who I was restraining on the couch. It was going to be ok though until the SO invited G’s person to take a look at the kitchen.


Look! We have doors! With knobs!

The humans were interested in the cabinets but Freckles knew that that was where HER FOOD LIVES! She was off like a shot but it was too late. G had already taken a bite. Freckles is a grazer and likes to leave her food sitting about until she is good and hungry. Now she lay with her head across the bowl, glared at G, and then decided to eat her food all at once so G couldn’t have any more. So Freckles is gorging herself while G barks at her and the male humans ignore them both.

Then G moved onto snarling and Freckles looked at me like, “Can I please eat her now?” I told her no and tried to explain the rules of hospitality but it was time for G and her person to go so Freckles escorted them to the door. She kept giving the SO reproachful looks that night. She was disgusted that he didn’t know better than to let the devil in the front door.