I accidently accomplished #56 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list yesterday – come out as a Pagan to a coworker. We were bored at work so the other vet and I went for a walk. She is Hindu but her child goes to a church school. She asked me if I go to church every Sunday. I said that I never go to church. She said that I was a very bad Christian. I said that I wasn’t any type of Christian at all. That threw her. After all I was born here to American parents, therefore I am a Christian in her worldview.

She asked what I was. I said I was a Pagan. She asked me to spell it. She didn’t seem to believe it. She told me that I was trying to make fun of her. I said that I really wasn’t a Christian and that being Pagan was a real thing. She asked if my family was Christian. I said that they were. That confirmed for her that I was therefore a Christian because my family is Christian and that is that.

That was the end of the discussion but I know that at some point she will ask someone else about it to try to find out if I was playing a joke on her. Then it will get interesting.