WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

After I finished off getting six Quilts of Valor tops off to various longarmers around the country and all the quilt back making that that entailed, I was at a bit of a loss for what to do. I decided to work on some stuff of my own. Crazy, I know.

I started working on a quilt pattern that I bought when I was in Hawaii in June.

It is a wall hanging with 4 sea turtles. I got the first two together. I still need to applique the shells. They are fused right now. I’m not even going to try to applique all those details. Cutting them out was bad enough. I think they are just going to get heavily quilted.

I signed up to take a Craftsy class on machine quilting. I’ve done a bit but I figured more practice was good. Now I have to make a top to quilt before I can start. They give a pattern that is cute.

I also made 4 and half hexy flowers this week.

The husband finally grasped the implications of all the time sewing these. We were in the car and he said something about how he couldn’t understand how I could sew those all the time because it would make him crazy. I said that everyone thinks that until they do one and get addicted. He asked if making the flowers was the point. I said no, it was a quilt and I was getting close to having all the flowers. I was around 50.

He was shocked. 50? I said that it was 7 flowers from each of ten fabrics and the text fabric was fabric number eight. I think he thought I just made flowers and shoved them in a drawer. Actually given the number of UFOs I have that isn’t a crazy assumption.

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