This morning on the Picasso Dreams I saw a post about a book from a church that described a whole host of evil influences in everyday things. The example posted was about incense. I looked up the church that was listed to see if it was still around. It is, unfortunately. Hegewisch Baptist Church has website that proudly lists their beliefs. (You must use Internet Explorer to access the site which to my mind is proof that it is evil.)

Among the usual subjects of scorn on the site like homosexuals, working women, and other Christians who disagree with them, is a list of rock musicians who have died – complete with age, date of death, and cause of death. This is cited as proof that God hates rock music because a lot of musicians die young.

I was planning on writing a post about that but then I saw something on the site that just left me sitting here with my jaw open. It is a prayer for an adopted child. This prayer, which I’m assuming that you are to pray in the child’s prescence, asks God to forgive all the ground given to Satan by the child’s ancestors. Wow! Can you say building self-esteem and acceptance? I would love to leave a scathing comment on their guestbook but people like this like to feel that they are being persecuted for “telling the truth.” The title of this article was Adopted Children and those involved in false religions. That made no sense to me at all but they also have a book chapter called Rejection, Witchcraft, and Ugliness which actually might be interesting reading just to see if they can tie it all together.

And some Christians wonder why people are turned off by the church?


I did go and leave a message on their guestbook just because I couldn’t help myself. It said something like, “I have been at a loss for words after reading your website. I don’t think that making a list of musician deaths to ‘prove’ that your God hates rock music is Christ-like at all. I know that you will feel vindicated by receiving criticism and will dismiss me as a person obviously under the influence of Satan but I feel a need to tell you how un-Christian I found your materials.”

I proudly pushed send and got a message that my comment would be posted as soon as it was reviewed by the staff for “discreetness.” Guess we’ll never see that posted on their website. Oh, well, I still feel better for speaking my mind.