We have run away to Pompano Beach FL. Yesterday we decided to run even farther south. We did a day trip to the Florida Keys.

Once you leave the mainland you drive on US ! South. For most of the way it is a 2 lane road. Between the towns it looks like this.


Occasionally you can pull over and do this.

Florida Keys

We stopped for lunch at Lazy Days in Marathon. That’s about halfway down the Keys. We got to eat outside overlooking a marina.

We ended up going all the way to Key West. We checked out the Hemingway House because the husband is a fan. I think Hemingway was a jerk who was horrible to animals and women but he did have some cats.

Hemingway cat

The cats are still spoiled rotten here.

olivia's chair

I hope this is Olivia or this cat is going to get in trouble when Olivia finds out that she has been using her chair. The husband said that this is what our Powder would like like if she let herself go.

Cheating on Powder

Here is proof that the husband was cheating on his Powder girl by consorting with other cats. You can’t see that the cat is sleeping on his hand but I have better shots if I need them for blackmail.

After this we headed home. We stopped at a seafood buffet in Islamorada (yuck) and I got charged a child’s price because I promised not to eat any seafood!

It took about 11 hours to do the whole trip including the stops. It was a fun road trip.