I bought my fancy jump rope to practice double unders. I wasn’t doing well at home. The husband, from his perch on the porch, suggested that perhaps jumping rope just wasn’t my “thing.” That made me mad. I can jump rope perfectly fine. It is just when I try to get fancy and get the rope under me twice per jump that I get all messed up. Total DUs done – none.


The workout was 50 reps, then 40, then 30, then 20, then 10 of double unders and situps! Great. If you can’t get the double unders then you have to do 5 times as many singles.

We did 5 minutes of practice and I was getting the double unders! The ropes at the gym are just the slightest bit lighter than the one I bought. It was just enough to make me be able to spin it fast enough. I was so shocked that I kept forgetting to continue to jump. Or I’d think I missed it and quit jumping but I had gotten it and the rope would come up behind me and smack me on the head. Evenutally I was able to get a double under and then keep jumping singles until I was able to do another double.

In the workout I didn’t get all 150 double unders but I got about 30. That’s 29 more than I’ve ever done at once before. Counting gets all messed up for me in jumping workouts. I go “1,2,3,DU, ok jumping but what number is that, call it 10 by now, DU, miss,” and then I’m all

I finished the workout in 13:47.


I’m on vacation at the beach in Florida. I went to the fitness center this morning but all they had was some cardio machines and some dumb bells with the heaviest set being 15 lbs. They had a few weight machines but I didn’t want to do that. I went back up to my room and did 20 reps then 20 reps then 10 reps of burpees and sit ups. I think that officially makes me a crazy CrossFit person if I’m making up my own WODs in my hotel. After that I did part of a restorative yoga practice that I have stored on Dropbox.