We’ve started a new renovation project. We are going to be adding a low stone wall around the porch. Of course since there is a male, non-blogger, non-scrapbooker involved he started the project without doing the most important part of the prep work – the before photo. He said that the before was ugly so he didn’t want a picture. *shaking head*

Here’s as before as it gets:


The garden is going crazy this week.



I have to either go get more stakes or try to cram my runaway tomato plants into cages before they eat the eggplant.

One Reply to “Adding more stuff”

  1. The Sacred Threads 2009 Exhibition
    opened in Reynoldsburg this week, it’s in your area, yes? I wish I had
    thought ahead of time and I could have sent you my free tickets! I think
    it’s only $5 to get in though..

    Glad your SO is okay and hasn’t gone to hell from texting in church. =-O

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