I spent the last two days at two big quilt shows with my mother. Yesterday we went to the National Quilting Association show. I have lots of pictures so I’ll post a few at a time.


This is Jeepers…It’s Jane by Beth Schillig. I like this one because the people I sew with are trying to do a Dear Jane. This one doesn’t require all the blocks.

eagle quilt

This is Screecher by Grace Errea.

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  1. Oh that Dear Jane quilt is beautiful!!! I usually don’t like those quilts because of the vast difference between the shapes of the blocks (well, you know what I mean, the shapes IN the blocks), but that one uses the blocks in such a creative way, not all lined up side by side, clashing in colors & patterns. I love the “painted” quality of that quilt, as well…. The way the colors of the blocks fade into each other.

  2. I am just in awe! IN AWE I TELLS YA! I would love to interview the woman who made that eagle quilt. They’re both beautiful, but I’m a bird lover, and the eagle is just blowing my mind in its detail and shading and just EVERYTHING.

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