A Peruvian Tapestry: Women of the Andes by Betty J. Taylor


Blazing Beauty by Beth Schillig. She is the same person who made the Dear Jane quilt on the last post. I didn’t realize that until I was posting but I guess I’m consistent in whose quilts I like.


There was a challenge where you had to use a certain fabric (the red cat body in this quilt), added fabrics may be red, white, black, or yellow only, and must be 20 x 20. This is True Colors by Vickie Nunez.


We were following some ladies around the exhibit. We turned a corner and there was a guy smoothing this quilt. The ladies in front of us were horrified and told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t allowed to touch the quilt. Turns out he was the maker and it wasn’t hanging flat. Then they were embarrassed. Kaleidoscope Rainbows at Night by Brian McCoy.