I finished 11 books in April.  I felt like this was a very lazy month for me overall.  I didn’t write much.  I didn’t read much.  I listened to more books than normal.  I also picked up and put down several books through no fault of theirs.  I just wasn’t settling to anything.


The books I read were:

  • 4 nonfiction
  •  3 audiobooks
  • Set in the U.S., England,  and Hong Kong/China

What were my favorites?




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What I added in April:


What I’ve read so far in 2019:

  • Righteous by Joe Ide
  • Buttermilk Graffiti by Edward Lee
  • The Class by Heather Won Tesoriero
  • North by Scott and Jenny Jurek
  • Internment by Samira Ahmed
  • Tikka Chance on Me by Suleikha Snyder
  • Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure by Courtney Milan
  • The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan
  • Bury What We Cannot Take by Jean Kwok
  • Instant Indian by Rinku Bhattacharya
  • The True Queen by Zen Cho

I’m aiming for 21-30 books to be at the tapir level.  11/21 so far


Reading All Around the World challenge from Howling Frog Books

  • Read a nonfiction book about the country – or
  • Read fiction written by a native of the country or someone living for a long time in the country.

I didn’t add any place this month.