I won a major moral victory last night! I made the cat sleep on the other side of the bed. That may not sound like much to you but it is huge.

I have a Select Comfort bed. That is the one where you pick your “sleep number” to determine how hard or soft the mattress is. Well, cats have sleep numbers too. Given a choice between my side or the husband’s she always picks mine. And she is adamant about it. She’s rather be off the bed than sleep on his side.

Here’s how it usually goes. I’m sleeping and I wake up because I’m not comfortable. My body is contorted because the cat has made a spot for herself around my knees. Since cats grow to about 10 feet long when they sleep, I’ve been pushed out of the way. Now I attempt to move her but she’s gained 100 pounds while asleep and is not easily dislodged. She opens an eye and looks at me so sadly that I feel like the world’s biggest @#$#$% if I make her move. This cat is the master of guilt trips.

But last night I told her that I didn’t care – she had to move. Then I moved her right out of the way. She was terribly affronted and hopped off the bed. When I woke up this morning she was laying against me but she was on the husband’s side! Never, ever has this happened. Normally she just resituates herself on my side and the cycle starts over again.

It is fairly pathetic to be happy about besting a cat in a battle of wills, I know. But, YIPPEE!!!