Facts about Jules:

She is a Senegal parrot.

Based on the band on her leg we think she was born in 2005.

We adopted her from a rescue in 2010.

She hates my husband.  I tried to make them make friends by having him feed her meals.  It hasn’t worked.  The best result after years of this is that sometimes she doesn’t try to bite him at feeding time.

Up until last week I could have said that although she is a mouthy bird, she has never bit me hard enough to break skin.  But, last week I let the husband pet her and I was punished with a nasty bite on my finger.

I think she is a pretty quiet bird as birds go.  Other people think she is extremely loud.  They’ve never met larger birds apparently.

She isn’t really a screamer but she is pretty constantly making some kind of noise.  It is the background noise of our house.

I had a previous bird who died of old age.  The husband decided we needed another bird because the house was too quiet.

On the second day I had her she said, “Hello” to me.  She hasn’t said anything recognizable since.  Sometimes though I hear her muttering under her breath and I know it is words.

She laughs a lot.

I sing to her in the shower.  I make up some lyrics for her.  The first time I sang a version of “Hey Jude Jules” to her she attacked me but she likes it now.

She’s a really good eater.  Most birds are very cautious about trying anything new.  She’ll give anything I’m eating a try.

No other animal is allowed to touch her cage.  I once had to crawl under the dining room table to cuddle and console a dog who made the unforgivable mistake of putting a paw on her cage.  He wasn’t being mean.  He was standing on his hind legs to look at her (ok) and then put a front paw out for balance on her cage (NOT OK).  She flew at the front of the cage while screaming.  That poor dog was probably scarred for life.

She likes to listen to Pandora. She has a wide range of tastes from classical to rock to old school hip hop channels. I made the husband stop playing the Old School Hip Hop channel just in case she decided to start talking again.