My bird Jules is not a fan of men.  When I got her she decided that the husband was not to be trusted.  She would get all fluffy whenever he looked at her.  Birds fluff up their feathers to make themselves look bigger in the face of a threat. 

He’s been sucking up to her by giving her grapes and treats.  She moved his threat level from He Must Die to I Guess He Has His Uses but He’s Still Sketchy.

I got her out this morning and had her on my shoulder. He was home from work and ready to take a shower.  He was very ready to take a shower as in uncovered. He said something to me and then stopped and said, “She’s really fluffy.”

I looked at Jules. She was puffed up to twice her normal size. Then she looked away from him and seemed to compose herself. Her feathers lay down flat. Then she looked at him again and got flustered all over and fluffed up. He said, “I think she’s upset by the dog being near her.”

She averted her eyes again and unfluffed. Slowly she glanced back towards him without moving her head. Feathers up. “I don’t think it’s the dog that’s upsetting her,” I explained. “I don’t think she knows what to make of you without, um, colors on.”

I had to take her back to the cage. She was fine as long as she didn’t look. Maybe she was a nun or a spinster schoolmarm in a previous life. Poor thing, she’s probably scarred for eternity now!