Blushing Birdie

My bird Jules is not a fan of men.  When I got her she decided that the husband was not to be trusted.  She would get all fluffy whenever he looked at her.  Birds fluff up their feathers to make […]

Look before you leap

I took Jules in the shower with me today.  Our routine is that we both spend some time in the water and then she needs to sit on the shower curtain rod while I shampoo.  She got bored on the […]

Talking Back

Conversations with my patients are usually one way affairs. “What a good boy” and “Now hold still for a second”, etc. This morning was different though. I had a 21 year old Amazon parrot in for a post-adoption appointment. He […]

Settling In

She looks so very stern in this picture! Jules is settling in well. She now mostly doesn’t give me any hassle about coming out of the cage. She still pretends that she doesn’t know “Up!” when it is time to […]

Feeling at home

Birds bite. It is one of those inescapable facts of life like death and taxes. Bigger birds bite harder. Also true. The rescue kept saying what a sweet bird Jules is. I’m sure that’s true. Right now, though, she is […]

Introducing Jules!

Meet Jules. She’s a Senegal Parrot. She’s somewhere under 10 years old. That’s as specific as they know. She seems very sweet. So far she’s just hanging out in the cage to get used to her new home. She has […]