People just do things for my husband. I don’t understand it at all.

We had the basement measured for carpet. We got a really good quote but it was more than we have sitting around in a lump sum waiting to be spent on carpet. When we would get close to having it then something would break down and that would be more important than carpet. Yesterday the carpet guy called the husband and asked if he could install the carpet on Monday. He explained that we couldn’t do it right now. The guy said he had a job cancel for next week and we wanted to put his crew on another job. So he wanted to install the carpet here. We can just pay a bit at a time whenever we can. So we are getting carpet on Monday.


I’m off for the weekend. I’m heading to the parents’ for the bridal shower. Then on Sunday I have my curling clinic! I may post if the parents do something insane or if I’m still in trouble with the mother person for reasons unknown.