I’ve been a Friday Block Party slacker because I’ve been distracted by another project. So I decided today to catch up with blocks 28, 29, 30. I decided to start with week 28 because that was an easy one.

I made every mistake possible and a few that were quite improbable. Made sections the wrong size? Check. Put together wrong? Check. You name it, I did it. I even had to go at one point and lay down in another room and count to 10 since it was dangerous for me to be around sharp objects in my current frame of mind.

So, I did the mature thing. I declared block #28 to be dead to me and moved on. We shall no longer speak the name.


I started using the mangled pieces of the block that shall not be named and made week 30. It went together with no problems whatsoever. I think it heard me cussing the previous block. Thank you very much.

Week 20 is the top block and it got fussy too. I had a hard time keeping things in order. There was a bit too much seam ripping for my taste. But I did learn something cool. One seam flying geese. It makes a 3D block. Here’s the video. This only works on flying geese that are half as tall as they are wide. Yes, that was one of the many errors on that very naughty block.