We did the Christmas thing at the parents’. The main activity today was Quilt Camp. My brother’s fiancee wanted to learn to so I gave both her and my mom all the fixings for quilts. They put together the centers today. They did really well. My brother’s fiancee had never sewn before and Mom was working on a cantankerous machine. We did half log cabin blocks using a very slick assembly line method. They made 24 eight inch blocks in a few hours.

I’m going back in a few weeks for a wedding. They will be adding the borders to their quilts at that time. Then they will tie them.

They were so excited. They both were amazed that they were able to make quilts. At first they said that they wished they had invited other people to watch them make quilts. Once they realized how easy it was they were glad no one was watching so they could pretend that they had slaved over these quilts for months.

There is a picture of the finished centers below.