I went with my mother and SIL to a scrapbooking convention in Buffalo NY this weekend. It was fun. There were all kinds of booths were you could make something to try out their products. My companions kept laughing at me because I was trying everything. But I got lots of cool stuff out of it.
We took the wheelchair for easier mobility for me. I had to take over the moving of the wheelchair because my mother kept crashing me into walls and people. She’s been moving my grandparents in wheelchairs for years so she should know what she’s doing. No wonder my grandma always had a resigned look on her face when Mom was pushing her. The woman is a menace.
When I got to my parents’ on Friday night they where treating my like an invalid. “Can you put your shoes on?” They would rush to open or close doors for me. Every time I’d stand up my mother would make sure she was stabilizing the wheelchair. It was nice they were concerned but they were making me crazy. I’m a month post-injury. If I couldn’t do stuff by myself by now I’d be pretty pathetic.
The mother and SIL spent a lot of time on the way up and back discussing church politics. The whole discussion just made me so glad that I’m not a part of that world anymore. The SIL was also talking about a friend of hers who is widow in her early 20s who has a new boyfriend. They are buying a house together. This is apparently awful. The SIL said that she was the only one “brave enough” (translated – rude enough) to ask who was going to be living there. The woman lied because she seemed to know the company she was in and said the boyfriend and his kids were going to live there. But on her blog she refers to “our bedroom and our closet.” Gasps of shock and horror! I decided to play dumb and ask what was wrong with that. Well they aren’t married! Then the SIL said that this woman refered to being a mother of three. This offended the SL because the woman only has one child and the boyfriend has two. She didn’t give birth to three so she isn’t a mother of three. The future adoptive mother in me reared up fighting mad but I had already been the devil’s advocate on many unpopular topics and I didn’t want to fight the whole trip. I really like the SIL but she is very closed minded and proud of it on what she considers to be moral subjects.