I finished the top of my bowtie quilt in spite of Riley’s help. I had the blocks all laid out on the floor and was sewing them together carefully to keep them in order. Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Riley was standing in the middle of the blocks and spinning in circles. Blocks were flying out like shrapnel from a tornado. I yelled at him so he came over and laid his head on the sewing machine with his ear under the raised presser foot to say sorry. Then he left for a second. He came back and touched his nose to my friend’s hand. He had put a bug on her hand. I praised him for sharing bugs even though she wasn’t as pleased with his gift as she should have been.

I’m at my slow office today so I’m going to layer and start tying the quilt.



Operation Workout at Work is going well. I worked out on Friday and then worked out with a coworker on Monday and Wednesday. We figured that we are two of only three people at the office who don’t smoke so we can take workout breaks to balance out everyone else’s smoke breaks. I told the boss that we were being progressive and instituting a company wellness program. He just laughed at us but as long as he doesn’t care we’ll keep exercising.