I’m working on a 3D bowtie quilt. My dear dear SO wanted a quilt a few months ago to give to a coworker he was sucking up to. I finished off a top I had laying around. A few weeks ago the clueless @!?/: sweet dear man came home and said that another coworker wanted one for his wife and he said that it was no problem. I went off and then explained that it was cheaper and easier for his coworker to buy his wife a microfiber blanket at WalMart. He still doesn’t understand the problem with what he did. He thinks quilts magically just appear. So I am grudgingly making a fast bowtie quilt. The blocks are 11 inches so it will come together fast. It has pink bowties on a blue background. So far I have 14 of the 24 blocks I need.

Goals for the week:

Finish the blocks


I’ve been working on the 3 minute rounds routine. I’m getting better but I still can’t do it right. I’ve done up to 5 of the 7 rounds but then I got a nosebleed and had to stop. (That’s a me problem – not a workout problem.)

There is one move in there were you are supposed to drop from standing to plank position and then jump back up. In 5 seconds or less. I could probably manage the move given enough time but I can’t do it that fast yet. So I’ve been improvising. I’ve been putting my hands on the bed and jumping to an inclined plank pose. I’m working my way down to lower pieces of furniture. The other problem is that if I squat to put my hands on the ground I flare up my tendonitis in my knee. I may have to use props for this one for quite a while until I somewhere find a great burst of speed and agility.


I’ve been slacking on weight lifting. I’ve got to get back to that.

Continue working up to all 7 rounds.