Prize moved to a new house last night. I’ve been ignoring her since she went to my friends’ house in August. I went to see her last week and was shocked. She is huge! I’m refering to her as the Pillsbury Dough Horse now.

They have good pasture there and they are very free with the treats. She’s probably gained 200 lbs. It is so sad.

Now she is at a princess barn. It is what my barn was designed to be if it had even been finished. Hot and cold water in the wash stall. Heated tack rooms. Big arena. She walked in last night and didn’t even look around. She went right to the stall and started to eat her hay. She squealed at her neighbor once but that was all the interest she showed. There was hay.

Today she was going to go out in a paddock near a few potential friends to see who she gets along with. When she figures out who her friends are going to be then she can go out in the pasture with them.

I’m going later to see how she’s getting along. I’m going to start getting her cleaned up so she starts looking presentable again.