There is a cat at a clinic I work at that was run over by the mowing equipment that is used to mow the median strips on highways. She was about 6 weeks old when it happened. She is paralyzed in the hind legs. But this is the happiest kitten ever. She had such a will to live that they didn’t euthanize her. She is actually a holy terror. She chases the big cats around and climbs up your legs.

She is really fast too. She pulls herself around with her front legs and drags the hind. They named her Scooter. I tried to get video of her running around and playing but of course she got camera shy. As soon as I tried she’d sit pretty quietly.

They have ordered her a wheelchair. It was shipped yesterday. Here’s video of her playing with another office cat. Next week I’m working there again so I’ll video of Scooter in a wheelchair.