Crafty stuff:

I finished all 24 of the 3D bowtie blocks for the quilt the SO volunteered me for. Sorry, no picture. I finished them and was tired of looking at them at that moment that I didn’t get a picture.

Plan for this week:

Put them together as a top. If I’m really adventurous I’ll get it layered to start tying it.


I slowed off on doing the workouts because I got a nosebleed during one. I have a history of chronic bleeds that was fixed while I was in vet school but last week I had several. I scheduled a EENT appointment to get it looked at to see if upping my blood pressure during workouts was making it worse. I got an all clear on that so I can’t use that excuse anymore! LOL

I had a brainstorm yesterday. I work two days a week at a satellite clinic that is really slow. It has a carpeted basement that we’ve joked about making into a gym. I have done situps in the office when I’m really bored. Yesterday I was reading a magazine that had a whole body toning workout based on using body weight only. I was trying out a few of the moves just to see how they worked when I had my flash of inspiration.

This was a 30 to 60 minute workout. Counting commuting time I’m gone from my house 12 hours a day on most days. I’m too tired to work out when I get home especially if I want to cook and do anything else. However I do have a lot of downtime at work. Blame the economy but I have stretches of time without anything going on. I’m going to plan to work out at work. It kills time. It will make me exercise. It frees up my at home time. I’ll get paid while exercising.

Today I brought my yoga mat and did the workout I read about yesterday. It was hard. I did half the number of reps it called for and I still had to spend some time laying on the ground gasping. I took it slow so I didn’t work up a sweat and end up stinky for the rest of the day. Note to self – bring a t-shirt. My arms are shaking and it is a bit hard to work my thumbs to type this on my BlackBerry. Mission accomplished. I can keep my mat in my car and do this at whatever office I have downtime at.

We told our boss our plan to workout. He thinks we’re joking but said that it would improve company value if the staff suddenly got super hot. One person talked about bringing in a strip tease workout video. We figured if we did that the boss would add “Strippers on Staff” to our yellow page ad to drum up business. Maybe we’ll make one of vet practice management magazines for our new and interesting staff wellness/marketing approach.