I was up all night because I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying about something that didn’t turn out to be true anyway. What a waste of not sleeping! So I was overly tired this morning and trying to explain to the SO what the problem was without just saying what the problem was (because that’s always the best way to solve things – right?). I started getting teary and then it was bad because I was crying all over him. This started a discussion about whether it is better to have tears or snot on you if you have a choice.

Pro-tears – not gross
Anti-tears – depending on salinity will not freeze or dry easily so you stay wet and might get cold
Pro- snot – will dry
Anti-snot – every reason in the world

After holding me for a while and making me stop crying by the insane tear vs snot discussion he said, “You were overdue for a breakdown.”

Me: “I’m on a schedule?”
Him: “Yep. You hold things in until you explode. That’s usually triggered by me doing something dumb. So you are in tune with my weirdness schedule.”

Bonding. It is a beautiful thing.

So in appreciation of him being an all-around good guy (with a slightly contagious weirdness schedule) I’m making him a pre-birthday dinner. His birthday is tomorrow but I’m celebrating all weekend. Tonight is four-cheese stuffed shells and garlic bread with homemade roasted garlic.

Last night we went out to a fondue restaurant mostly because I had a coupon for free chocolate fondue with a purchase of dinner and you must follow up on free chocolate offers. Then we went to see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond movie.