Riley is a thug but he needs cuddles from his mommy daily. This is especially true if we go away. We went to my parents’ for Easter. We were only gone around 24 hrs and the pet sitter (or Staff as Powder sees them) came once. It wasn’t like he was abandoned in the wilderness. But, he needs lots of cuddles to make up for it.

He is a big cat. He’s twice Powder’s size. She, however, is the Queen and even though he sometimes chases her there are two things that are inviolate.

  1. If Riley is eating and Powder wants to eat, Riley leaves.
  2. If Riley is laying on my chest in bed and Powder comes into the room, Riley leaves.

This is understood.  She only has to look at him and he scuttles away like he’s been beaten for this infraction before.  I was going to write about how I didn’t understand why he reacts this way but I realized that I sometimes don’t roll over in bed if she is giving me The Look.

Yesterday Powder was laying on my chest and Riley jumped up on the bed.  I assumed he didn’t realize she was there and that he would leave.  But, he was singleminded in pursuit of his cuddle.  He walked up to me and laid down on my chest – pushing her out of the way.  Two humans and a dog held their breath.  This was very bold stuff.  Riley was facing me with his back to Powder.  As he settled in I saw the look on his face.  The horrified look that said he realized that he had just made a huge tactical error.  We are waited and then Powder just laid back down on my stomach.  I think she was just as stunned as everyone else.

So does this signal a change of rules in the house?  Last night Riley was laying on my chest.  We heard the footsteps of Powder coming into the bedroom.  Riley lit out of there like a shot.  Once might be forgiven but I think he’s toeing the line right now.