Today was workout four of the CrossFit Open. Once again as soon as I saw this one I knew there was trouble. It was 7 minutes of 95 lb clean and jerks (bar from floor to shoulders and then overhead) and toes to bar (hang from a bar and then raise your head above your head to touch the bar). Guess which of these I can do? Yeah, neither.

I asked on Facebook if I could just stay home in bed since I had a feeling I’d get the same score. I mean, two weeks ago I was thrilled to get 75 lbs over my head. I didn’t think I was magically going to be able to do 95.

I was right. I couldn’t even get it to my shoulders. When you start your hands are on top of the bar with your palms facing down. You end at your shoulders with your palms under the bar and facing up. It was during that switch that I kept losing the bar. So it was a zero for me this week. I wasn’t the only one. One person got the lift 3 times but she can’t do toes to bar so she was done. Another person weighs 95 lbs herself so couldn’t do the lift either. Other people did swell with it but we are ignoring them.

After that we jumped into the workout the class was doing. It was 3 rounds of:
50 m broad jump
50 pushups
50 Double unders / 200 single jump ropes
50 sit ups

It had a max time of 20 minutes. I got 1.5 rounds in during the time I had left when I started. I’m getting better at double unders. I can get runs of double-single-double as long as no one is looking.


We were at my parents’ house and there was a 10 lb medicine ball so I made the husband work out with me.  We sat facing each other with our feet touching.  One took the ball and did a sit up (I took the ball over my head and touched the ground) and then handed it to the other.  We would do 10 of those and then we did 10 pushups, 10 more situps, 10 squats, 10 situps, 10 pushups, 10 situps, and then 10 hamstring thingies that I don’t know the name of and 20 russian twists.  By “we” I mean he’d do the situps with me and then watch the rest.  He was complaining that we hadn’t warmed up.  I laughed and said that sometimes we did this as a warm up at the gym.  He told me we were all stupid.


Today we were introduced to a variation on wall balls because they aren’t hard enough on their own – let’s make them harder!  Now we squat, stand up and throw the medicine ball in the air, and before it comes down and smacks you in the face you need to throw another air squat in there.

Then we did stone work.

You need to get these from the floor to your shoulder.  I started with 45 lbs which is too light.  The key to the move is deadlifting it to your thighs and then doing a hip thrust that rolls the stone up your body.  When I did it with 45 lbs it went flying up and landed hard on my shoulder.  I moved to 75 lbs and that was harder to get off the ground.  It isn’t that it is heavy but it is awkward.  Our trainer helpfully pointed out that if you lean back on the hip thrust then your body makes a ramp and it “rolls right up.”  Sure, if you’re a man.  If you’re a woman with a large chest it doesn’t quite work like that.

This is my shoulder and upper arm a few hours later. Those are the marks that the stone leaves through a t-shirt.

shoulder after stones

Those are bruises – not scratches.

The workout was 5 rounds of:

  • 21 burpees
  • 10 box jump overs at 20″ – You could jump over the box or step onto it and step off.  I was doing that.

I was on my second round of box jump overs when I stepped off the box with my right foot, went to walk away by stepping forward on my left foot and rolled my ankle.  My first CrossFit injury and I did it on level ground walking away from an obstacle!  At least it got me out of the rest of that WOD.  They wrapped me up and had me moving it around.  I’m icing it now and I’ll do some acupuncture on it later.