We’re back from a week in Portugal. The wireless Internet didn’t work at the hotel so I ended going cold turkey. No Internet, no phone, no blogs, no Facebook. I did write a summary of each day in order to remember our trip.

On our first day in Portugal we landed at 10:30 AM. We left home at 1:00 pm the day before so we were pretty tired. We flew to Philadelphia first and then Madrid and then LIsbon.

Our hotel is not in the main touristy part of town. It is near the Gulbenkian museum. This is a small museum that houses a great collection ranging from Egyptian art through Islamic art and European masters.

This is a detail of a Japanese tapestry.

Tapestry detail

They also have a lovely garden that we walked around. Lunch was at the cafeteria in the museum. I had a huge plate of pasta with tomato sauce.

By this time we were so tired that we were swaying on our feet. We had been up about 36 hours with just brief naps on the plane. We went back to the hotel for a nap. At 7:00 pm we wandered out in search of a restaurant. There aren’t a lot of restaurants around here and most of them were closed. There was another couple from our hotel looking for food too so we joined up with them. They are from Belgium and their names are Dominique and Christian. They are traveling with her mother and sister. We found a restaurant finally. Most restaurants here serve a lot of fish so I had another plate of pasta. It was fun having dinner with them.

We came back and watched TV. Most of the channels here are in English with Portuguese subtitles but we ended up watching the Portuguese channels. The SO got into the Portuguese version of IDOL. He’s never even seen it in the States but he was into it last night.