Yesterday was Kenpo day. This is a cardio kickboxing/martial arts workout. I was really stiff through my hamstrings and calves after the leg day so I was a little worried about the kicks but it was fine. This workout was pretty fun but it is well known that I watch way too much Buffy so I like this sort of thing.

Some of the punch combos were confusing at first. I wouldn’t remember what punch to do when so I’d end up sort of flailing around and once I managed to smack myself in my own head. The SO came in when I was about half done and watched. That is slightly unsettling but I’ve been doing it to him so I guess it is only fair. By this time I was getting coordinated and he said that he thought I could beat people up. That’s so sweet!

He was on pylometrics. That’s the jump training one. I like watching him workout because his cussing at people on the DVD entertains me. He said that he was worried about me watching because he knows that I’m writing it down for the whole internet. I promised not to write anything embarrassing about him unless he happened to fall on me or something. He didn’t so he did just fine. (In case he’s checking on me.)

This morning I am even more stiff on the back of my body. Today is day 7 which can be a rest day or you can do an extra stretching routine. I think I better do the stretching. I have tight hamstrings anyway and they are in revolt.