Last night I had to adjust my blankets over my feet in bed and I sat up and did it. Yes, I did Ab Ripper X for the first time on Thursday morning and on Sunday night I was able to sit up unassisted again. I don’t think I’ve been as proud of that since the first time I did it as a baby.

Today the SO started. He has the hardest, largest upper body that I have ever personally laid hands on. It is part of the reason I’ve kept him so long! So he was scoffing at this workout. He asked in all seriousness if I thought that he should use p90x as a warm-up and then go to the gym and work out. After the first few moves he decided that he’d need to catch his breath before going to the gym. Where did he go after the whole workout? To the neighbors’ to watch football.

We did the ab workout together. That was nice because he did my cussing for me. He said something about not being able to sit up tomorrow. I reminded him of how excited I was when I sat up last night. He cussed again.

Then he left and I did Day 5 the legs and back routine. My legs are strong. I can lift a lot of weight on leg exercises. So of course most of the leg exercises don’t have weights. They rely on speed and repetition. Again I feel like a total bad ass now that I’m done. But I’m not sure who is going to help who out of bed tomorrow.

Bad things – There are timed wall squats. Riley is a cuddle kitty at night. He came running because his mommy made a lap. He jumped onto my lap. Have I mentioned that he is 19 lbs? Have I mentioned that he has claws that he can use to hold on when I was trying to push him off?

There are also timed lunged sequences. My dvd started to pause. Not skip which would have made the exercise shorter – pause which made it longer.


Yesterday I was rubbing my arm because there was a muscle burning on each one that I didn’t even fully realize I had before the arm workout. I felt a dip on my arm. It is muscle definition. You can’t see it yet but I can feel the change. I’m also down 2 lbs but I was sick and not eating for a bit.