I had a long complex dream last night that ended with the husband making out with Br1tany Sp3ars in my laundry room. I was in there too trying to fold the laundry. The problem was that he was leaning his back into my back and this was interferring with my laundry folding. I finally got mad and yelled at him, “Dammit! If you must cheat on me with a younger woman in my own house at least don’t make it so I can’t fold the laundry.” He was instantly contrite and turned his neck all the way around (ouch) to kiss me and say that he was very sorry. I told him that I just didn’t think he was going to be able to keep seeing her because it was causing problems.

Then I woke up and told him about it. His typical male response? “So, if I promise not to push on you when you are doing laundry it would be ok, right?”

Uh, no.