I got on here to report about swimming today. I made the mistake of checking my bloglines and found something that made me go completely out of my mind. I’m starting to hyperventilate here. But first, swimming.

I went swimming again today. There were no 3-5 year olds today. No, there were real swimmers. I met up with one in the locker room before I swam. This will show what a horribly shallow person I am at heart. She was bigger than me and was in a swim suit. This made me feel better about myself. Oh, the shame! Then we went out to the pool and she swam rings around me. I am of the do- a -lap -and- then -hang- around- at -the -end -of- the- pool- for- a -while -before- doing -another- lap- kind of swimmer. She just kept swimming the whole time. It wasn’t pretty but it was definately more of a workout than I was capable of doing. So my brain starts thinking that if she is bigger than me and she obviously swims alot then swimming must not be effective. I had these same thoughts when I had a very large aerobics instructor. Anyway, then I had to work up this fantasy that she was 780 pounds last month when she started swimming and it is a miracle of fitness and weight loss and the power of swimming that she is down to the size she is. That motivated my warped brain into not giving up immediately. See, I am horribly shallow.

I did a lot better with the swimming today. I looked up some instructions online about good form. They helped. I’m still not great and the lifeguard seemed to keep a close eye on me in case I would suddenly drown but I did better.

So then I came home and checked bloglines. I’m making a quilt for my brother’s wedding. Actually I’m dangerously procrastinating on my brother’s quilt. I really need to get a move on. But I work best under pressure. Today I saw this. With my superslow connection it takes a while for pictures to load. When I had the top half of the picture I was thinking, “I love jewel box quilts. I should make one sometime.” When the whole picture loaded I was thinking, “#%$@$#!!!” because it hit me hard. A jewel box quilt is very “my brother and his fiancee”. The quilt I am making for them is very “me.” So now I’m totally unsatisfied with my quilt and won’t be happy until I start all over. Now I really have to get to work!