When I first talked about going swimming the husband said that he would go swimming with me sometime. This was highly unlikely. He hates his body. He is a former skinny person. There is no way he would go swimming in a public pool with his shirt off because he hates his body. I am not allowed to see him standing up with his shirt off. To get out of bed he must first either put a shirt on while laying down or cover the front of himself with a towel and walk backwards so I don’t see naked torso. There was no way he was going swimming.

I asked him if he wanted to go swimming yesterday. He wanted to go with me but he didn’t want to swim. We got him a guest pass and he walked on a treadmill while I tried to swim. I didn’t know that I was there during open swim time. There were lots of kids swimming diagonally and jumping off the diving boards. My evasive actions aren’t all that good so I didn’t get much swimming done. I went to find him and he was into the treadmill thing. He did a mile and a half in a half and hour. He liked that it was measuring his heartrate and showing it to him on a graph. I had to explain that he was supposed to keep his heartrate in the aerobic zone. He’s a definate “more is more” person. He doesn’t exercise so the half an hour he walked wore him out. He was sweating and lightheaded when he got off the machine. But he joined the Y. I didn’t hold out much hope because he joined once before and never went. But today I noticed that he had a bag with his workout clothes in it when he left for work. We’ll see what happens. You have to drive past home on your way from work to the Y. That’s a true test of dedication.