I said in the Wheel of the Year pictures yesterday that I just had to finish binding a few quilts. Here’s the first one. It is made up of hourglass blocks that I got in a swap. I was in this swap for over a year. There was a color theme every month and you made 12 (I think) blocks and sent them in. You got that many different ones back. Soon I was drowning under piles of hourglass blocks. I put together this top a while ago but never got around to doing anything with it. I probably have enough left over for another throw sized quilt.

I pillowcased this quilt to get it done fast. I don’t usually do that and I didn’t do it very well. So I tied it in order to make up for the strange buckling in the backing fabric. I’m starting to like tying quilts. It gives me something to do besides eating when I’m watching TV.

This quilt will be donated to a homeless organization as an Imbolc gift. Happy Imbolc/Candlemas/Groundhog’s Day everyone!!


I took a picture of the whole thing but this was much more cute. I took a picture of the cat on the quilt then decided to pose the dog. She was unsure because “Get off the quilt!!” is a very well known part of her vocabulary. But she laid down and looked up into the camera perfectly. I took the shot and she walked away. I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model and those girls can’t hit their marks like that! I’m entering Snowball on the show next time.