It is a dreary day when no self-respecting photographer would try to take outdoor shots. Luckily I’m not a self-respecting photographer because it is Wheel of the Year day.

There haven’t been that many changes around here since January in the outdoor photos. The weather is about the same and it didn’t snow at all.

I’m putting the photos behind the cut since they will take a while to load (only if you have extra slow internet access like me.)


Unfortunately there is not less of me than last month.


These are my library books. If I had remembered that I was going to photograph them I would have gotten something more intellectual. The trashy novel in the upper right is the library’s book discussion book in honor of Valentine’s Day. They make me read smut!


These are two long-term UFOs that only need bound. Full pictures will be posted when they are done.


The view out the window.


Nothing got done on the room this month.


I did get bulbs planted in the container and it is outside. Rosie tried to graze on a tulip when I led her to the porch the other day.


There are no real changes in the garden.


This is the tree in the pasture.


A very dirty Prize in the mostly bare pasture.


Spirit actually got in almost the same position as last month. He’s in a very foul temper today. He was actually bucking at Prize.


The only real change in the stream is some trash caught in the stump.


It is cold out so there aren’t many people on the bike path today. I stalked this poor man until he was in the right position for the picture.

Here is the link for January’s pictures if you want to compare.