I have been a YMCA slacker. I forced myself to go today. I was hoping for an exercise high when I got there that would make me yearn to go back. It didn’t happen.

But I have been re-motivated. I had a fitting on my bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding. I have written previously about my concerns over this dress causing me to join the YMCA in the first place. It has itty bitty spaghetti straps. I have fat armpits. (Apparently this is a common affliction. Since I wrote that post one of the top searches that brings people here is “fat armpits.” I join you all in solidarity and if I figure out the answer I will be sure to post it.)

Today I was blessed to be able to stand on a platform with mirrors all the way around me while the dress was hemmed. I was told to look straight ahead. This gave me plenty of time to study my reflection. It turns out that the back of my arms are fat too. I’ve made a bridesmaidenly executive decision that the scarf thingy that comes with the dress will be draped around our upper arms or else the audience will be gagging while looking at my jiggly bits. (Not the interesting jiggly bits either.)

Luckily, when I was idly trolling through Target in search of one more present for the husband I found a DVD about exercise balls. I believe in the one for him, two for me method of shopping so I bought it. So after that great exercise in self-esteem at the bridal store I am rededicating myself to exercise. (I’m pretending that it doesn’t count that I ate a cookie while typing this post.)