I’m getting into Halloween mode. The SO decided that he wanted to be a werewolf so I went to the costume store today and got the most awesome werewolf mask. I took it back to work and announced that I found a new tool for dealing with aggressive dogs. I said if that the next dog that gave us any crap was going to get to deal with this. I pulled on the oversized, fully haired, snarling werewolf mask. They cracked up and then proved that they are truly vet types by announcing, “He needs a dental!” That was one of the first things I thought of too. He has very severe periodontal disease. The SO has been using the mask to scare Riley. The cats are not amused by it but the dog seems to think that is a welcome change in the balance of household power.

Then I went to the fabric store to find sparkly see through fabric for a ghost costume. When I was looking at the third bolt of possible fabrics that I realized that it might be considered a bit odd to be draping fabric over my head in the middle of the store to see if I could see through it.

I wasn’t the only one in early Halloween mode though. This was my last appointment for the day.


The pictures are blurry because she was a bumblebee in perpetual motion. She’s definitely not a patient I need to use the werewolf mask on.