I’ve been exhausted all week. I went to bed at 8 PM the other night. I’m feeling better but decided to have a partially lazy day today.

I didn’t have to go to work until 1 PM. I decided to sleep in until I woke up. I woke up around nine and then lounged around reading a book. After a while I went out and went for a walk in my new neighborhood. I walked for several blocks on the streets that run east-west. Then I would run a block on the north-west street to get to the next long road. It was an easy way to get some intervals in. I’m not sure what the mileage is there. I’m going to need to drive around to measure the distance.

I wasn’t the only one feeling lazy today. Snowball didn’t get up until 11:15. I don’t have anything planned for this weekend. At least nothing that has to get done at a specific time. I’m going to lounge around and revel in the freedom!