I knew this was going to be a weird week.
Crafty stuff:

There isn’t anything to report here since I was either out of town or moving all week. I guess you could call managing to make room for my stuff to fit in an already full house ‘creative.’. On the to-do list for this week – Quilt and bind the fall table runner, make a stuffed snake to block drafts under a door, and continue work on my disappearing nine patch.


I’ve been continuing to eat breakfast at home. It has been two weeks so I’m well on the way to making it a habit. Other than that my diet has not been good. When I’m out judging rides junk food rules. Our truck had a big rubbermaid container full of candy. It would have been rude not to eat it! Then they have massive potlucks full of desserts. But we did do a lot of walking.

I did even more walking during the moving days. My mom put on a pedometer she found and we got over the proscribed 10,000 steps.

Now that things have calmed down I can work out more. There is a full gym in the garage just steps from my back door. Right now I don’t have a key. I guess that means I can’t lift weights or take out the trash! He’s looking for the extra key so I don’t have any excuses though.

Goals for the week:

1. Lift weights twice
2. Walk for exercise every other day
3. Do one yoga video. I’ve been doing some poses to stretch specific sore muscles but haven’t done anything formal.