I’m just going to go ahead and say it right out loud.

We have chosen not to have TV.

I didn’t think that was a big deal but you’d think that I’ve been announcing my intentions to start weekly human sacrifice in my basement.

My parents are horrified. Each of them has pulled me aside and encouraged me to nag the SO into getting TV. I keep explaining that it came down to being my decision but they don’t seem convinced. My SIL was flustered and then said that my brother would just die without TV. Hopefully the implication was that I am made of stronger stuff. Other people who find out are flabbergasted. I’m not making a big deal about it. People just ask if I saw something and I say no and the conversation goes from there.

Interestingly people aren’t concerned that I’m going to miss out on world events. They can’t believe that I don’t know what is going on with popular shows.

I had lots of channels that I never watched at the old house. I called to cancel them today. I called a number and talked to a woman about cancelling. She was horrified that I don’t have other service. She kept saying that she didn’t understand. It turned out that she couldn’t even cancel my service but she did try to sell me a security system.

I got the right number and finally got it cancelled. I had a talkative tech support person but I’d learned my lesson and just said that I was “all set” at my new house.
I’m going to start a list of things you can do instead of watching TV:

1. Read a book
2. Take a walk or do other exercise
3. Cook
4. Blog (What can I say? I’m an internet junkie.)
5. Have a conversation
6. Quilt
7. Volunteer
8. Watch a movie or documentary on DVD
9. Clean (ugh)
10. Play – I’m including everything from tennis to trivial pursuit to wild s-x in that category.

This didn’t start out as a crusade. We just didn’t watch enough TV to justify the expense. We could change our mind any time. But I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to die. Just don’t ask me to give up my internet access…

7 Replies to “TV or not TV”

  1. We have never had Dish or the like either. Our kids considered that tantamount to child abuse. But now the youngest has left for college, and it is just Tim and I. We watch the news. We watch PBS on Saturday night (He loves Red Green, I love As Time Goes By). He watches football on Sunday. The rest of the time, the TV stays off. (Although, unfortunately, we are internet addicts as well.) We were at the hospital recently, and spent the day there. I got to peruse 75 stations. When Tim woke up, he looked too. Neither one of us found anything worth watching. Seriously. NOTHING.

  2. I’ve never had cable and I didn’t even have a TV set for years until my husband moved in. Now we watch news and movies and unfortunately, crappy sitcoms far too often. I wish the TV wasn’t around!

  3. You will miss the debate tonight!
    Can you get reception without cable (or dish)? We have rabbit ears and get a few stations. We don’t need more, but I would miss *This Old House* and the *News Hour* with out TV.

  4. I didn’t get cable when I moved, and then about 2 years ago just put the TV away — I watch a few things on line, but no TV is the wonderful — so much more incentive to CHOOSE to watch something rather then just veggie out….

  5. I love watching TV shows on DVD. I can’t even watch most on TV anymore since I don’t have any more tolerance for commercials. The SO has been TV free for 3 years. I got him hooked on a few TV shows on DVD that he’d never heard of.

  6. We don’t have cable. We have a projector hooked up to our computer to watch DVDs on. But no cable or actual TV set. Luckily we don’t get weird looks, probably because we live in a liberal city that values our local bookstore that takes up a full city block and is several stories tall.

    We’ve not had cable TV for years, and I don’t feel like we’ve missed anything. What’s nice is if there is a TV show that I’d really be interested in, I can wait for the series to end and watch it on DVD. No commercials, no schedules, no waiting a week for the next episode, etc. It’s nice because you can cut out all the filler TV most people watch and just watch the occasional exceptionally good show at your own pace. And I just discovered that our library carries the DVDs of all the shows I’ve been even remotely interested in seeing some day. So, no need to rent or buy them if I ever do get around to seeing them.

    I was shocked visiting inlaws once because everyone there freaked out about their cable lineup changing. Is it really that big of a deal to people? And my own family has the TV running 24/7. When I visit I try to sneak and turn it off when no one is in the room, but often that doesn’t last long. The times it does stay off, though, the quiet is very nice.

  7. Most shows are available online anyway. So if you ever do get the hunger to watch the show just go to the networks website. I can live without TV. Sometimes I get so busy I don’t even have time to watch it. The internet though I would die without. Bravo for not being a slave to the glowing box!

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