I’ve been insanely jealous ever since I read on Yarn Harlot that Canadian elections last about six weeks. After two years of campaigning I figured there was nothing else for anyone to know.

This morning I was asked by a coworker to explain some political stuff to her. We were talking about some issues and I said something about what Democrats believe. She said, “And Obama’s the democrat, right?” I managed not to gape. I did say, “Ok, we’re starting at the beginning…”

Then we were joined by another person and started discussing race. She actually used the phrase, “I don’t consider myself predjuduced…” Another person busted out laughing but I kept a straight face. She kept talking about how if Obama was elected there would be black people running all over the White House. It moved into how she was afraid of black men and how she’d never met one with a lick of sense. She’d never open the door to a black man no matter how well he was dressed or even if it was Obama himself. Good thing she isn’t predjudiced.