I’m a candle person. I used to soak in my big bathtub while surrounded by candles. The cats would come in and walk around the tub, weaving between the candles with feline grace and skill. So when the SO expressed concern that Riley might someday catch himself on fire due to an excess of stupidity, I said it would never happen.

So imagine my dismay when last night in an attempt to look at something on the coffee table, he stepped his front legs over a candle and stood there staring intently while his stomach hair burned. The SO and I started yelling which made him run off like cats are wont to do when their humans start yelling for no apparent reason.

And then, good pet owner that I am, I started to laugh. I couldn’t stop. About 15 seconds later the smell of burning cat hair caught up with us and went to make sure that he hadn’t reignited in another room. He wasn’t hurt but seemed mighty embarrassed since he smelled funny. Powder kept staring at him like he was the stupidest thing that ever crawled out from under a rock. It didn’t help that couldn’t look at him without collapsing into giggles.