On Sunday while I was at the checkout at the grocery store I got a phone call. When I finished no one in the store would make eye contact with me anymore. I replayed the conversation in my head and I’m starting to realize why. Here’s my end of the conversation. Remember that I am saying this in a very calm and conversational style.

“Hi….Shot?…..Is he conscious?…Is he bleeding?….Yeah, well, that’s why I always kept my guys locked up….the number to call is 555-5555….Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

Obviously, a coworker was calling and wanting a number for a horse vet because one of her friend’s horses had been shot. (Turns out he hadn’t actually been shot but they thought that at the time.) I can’t help it if uninformed bystanders might think that so many people in my life get shot that I know the emergency number by heart and don’t get too worked up about it.

2 Replies to “Look Away”

  1. Hahahahah oh my goodness this made me laugh soo much! If I heard the end of that conversation along with the rest of the grocery store folks I’m sorry to say, I’d probably be a little scared there hehe

  2. LOL Man, you DO have some funny stories to tell…. Yeah, I can rather understand why folks weren’t making eye contact with ya. Based on what little info they had, they may have figured it wasn’t safe to know you, given the fact that you’re so calm and collected when it sounds like somebody you know has been shot. *wink*

    Glad to hear that the horse HAD NOT actually been shot. Hope he’s ok.

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