On Sunday while I was at the checkout at the grocery store I got a phone call. When I finished no one in the store would make eye contact with me anymore. I replayed the conversation in my head and I’m starting to realize why. Here’s my end of the conversation. Remember that I am saying this in a very calm and conversational style.

“Hi….Shot?…..Is he conscious?…Is he bleeding?….Yeah, well, that’s why I always kept my guys locked up….the number to call is 555-5555….Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

Obviously, a coworker was calling and wanting a number for a horse vet because one of her friend’s horses had been shot. (Turns out he hadn’t actually been shot but they thought that at the time.) I can’t help it if uninformed bystanders might think that so many people in my life get shot that I know the emergency number by heart and don’t get too worked up about it.