The workout was 4 rounds of:

  • 11 box jumps – I was wimpy and did about an 18 inch height. I got no vertical jump.
  • 5 clean and jerks – That is taking the bar from the floor to your shoulders and then over your head. I dd 55 lbs which is very light for me so I was doing this fast. I should have added at least another 10 lbs to make it more of a workout.
  • Sunday

    My gym had a big party for the start of the Whole Life Challenge on Saturday. I work on Saturdays so I did my baseline workout on Sunday. It is one of those workout that when you first read it you are like, “I can do that” and then in the next 10 seconds you realize that it is totally going to suck. Add in that we were doing this outside because we have a super small gym and we needed the room to run. That means burpees on the asphalt.

    The workout is 9 minutes of as many reps as possible of:

  • 7 kettle bell swings – Hold it in both hands in front of you. Use your hips to help swing it up above your head. I used 25 lbs.
  • 7 burpees – pushup, standup, jump with hands over your head
  • 50 meter run – After the first run, which was more like a light jog, this looked more like zombies on the move.
  • I did 6 full rounds, another set of kettle bell swings, and one burpee. That seemed to be around the average for my gym. Sure, some crazy people got 11 rounds in but that’s just showing off!


    The workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 15 pull ups
  • 20 burpees
  • 15 sumo high dead pulls – take the bar from the ground in a squat, stand and pull it to shoulder height. I did 55 lbs. You use your hips to get a lot of momentum on the bar.
  • I did it in 10:54.

    The Whole Life Challenge is going well so far. I’ve been posting recipes that I find that are good as I go. This week’s challenge is to ask at three restaurants if there is anything we can eat. Pretty much the answer is no. I think I can eat the black bean soup at Panera. I’m going to ask today. I found out yesterday that the tomato basil soup at Applebee’s is beef based. Icky.