I wasn’t feeling the best this day so I did my 30 squats for the Spartan Challenge only.  I did 30 slow bodyweight squats.


30 thrusters – Holding the weight under your chin squat then stand up and press the weight overhead.  I did 45 lbs.


Body weight squats

And then the weekend happened….

I was judging a trail ride in Florida and I remembered to do my squats on Friday night.  This is a ride that is typically pretty boring.  The terrain is flat so the horses aren’t stressed at all.  I have a hard time finding anything to take points off the horses for.  This year, wow.  Saturday was unseasonably hot and humid.  The horses all had winter hair.  I’ve never had so many not finish a ride.  There was other drama over the weekend too which is all my excuse for hitting my bed each night and falling into a coma for a few hours before getting up at 5 AM to start all over and forgetting my squats.  I even forgot that I was forgetting my squats.  So, bad on track from today.