The workout was as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

  • 9 Deadlifts – 100 lbs
  • 12 Push Ups
  • 15 Box Jumps – I did step ups onto a 20 inch box.
  • I did 6 full rounds and then did the deadlifts and 3 push ups in 15 minutes.


    I went in on Sunday to do a makeup for the time I missed in Vegas. I picked this workout.

    As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

  • 150 wallballs – I used a 12 lb ball. This is a squat and then stand up and throw the ball up high onto the wall.
  • 30 double under jump ropes
  • 30 muscle ups
  • Yeah, so this workout is a trick. It can’t be done. Some super in shape people got to the muscle ups but didn’t finish them. I just did 127 wall balls. I was slacking. I was feeling really weak this day.


    Since I’m just back from my workout I can write down what we really do for a full hour instead of just the workouts. I think I block the memories when they aren’t fresh!

    We started with a 500 m row. Then air squats and lunges. There were 10 pushups. Then we did 10 jumps to touch a spot above us, switch hands and do another 10, then do 5 jumping lunges on each leg. Repeat that from the jump touches 3 times. That was the warm up.

    Our first strength work was back squats. You put the bar on your shoulders behind your head and squat. We did 7 sets of two. I got a PR of 135 lbs.

    The second strength was bent over rows. I PRed at 65 lbs.

    The workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 1 minute max effort double unders – I practiced my double unders and threw in single jump ropes too. I got a few of the double unders. My problem is that I get so excited and shocked when I get a double under that I forget to keep jumping and then smack myself in the head with the rope. I hit my foot hard too and think I might have smashed my toenail. It hurts but I don’t want to look. I hate toe injuries.
  • 1 minute max effort handstand pushups or pikes – It was pikes for me of course.
  • 1 minute max effort kettle bell swings – 35 lbs.
  • 1 minute max effort row measured in calories burned.
  • Rest 1 minute before starting the next round.
  • We had to keep track of how many reps we got. I got a total of 318. I stayed pretty consistent with 108 the first time 110 the second and 100 the last time.


    I signed up to be in the CrossFit games!

    Yeah, it shocked me too. But it isn’t all the crazy stuff you see on ESPN. It starts out with a series of five weekly workouts that you do in your gym and they submit your scores. (Last Thursday’s workout was a former CrossFit games qualifying workout.) You are ranked with everyone in the world who does the workout. If you are in the top in your region you move on but I’m not worried about that. My goal is not to be last in the world because that would be embarrassing. I’m a young’un in the old ladies division (Masters 40-45) this year!

    I’ll do my first workout on Thursday!