Today was the third workout of the CrossFit Open.  It was a repeat of one from last year that we had done earlier this month to show us what the workouts were like.

It was 12 minutes of:

  • 150 wall balls – squat and then stand and throw a 14 lb medicine ball to hit a target 9 feet up a wall
  • 90 double unders
  • 30 muscle ups

When I did it before I used a lighter ball and a lower target and got 127.  It was an act of pure optimism to get a jump rope out today.  No one even gave a thought to setting up a place to do muscle ups.

I managed to get 104 legal reps.  Some of those were a bit questionable but my judge was being nice.  Not super nice since she no repped me many times.  I was disappointed not to finish them but now that I think about I did ok since I actually did better than the last time if you consider the heavier ball and higher target and not counting the reps if I didn’t hit the wall (even if the ball was high enough).


For warm ups we did a 300 m row then 10 lunges on each leg, a 200 m row then 10 jumping squats, and a 100 m row and 10 air squats.  Then we did pushups with our fingers pointing to the sides and then 2 sets of 20 seconds of staying in push up position while jumping our hands forward and back over a line.

We did cleans (bar from floor to shoulders).  I did 83 lbs.

Then we did wide grip push presses.  These start on the rack and you duck under the bar and let it rest on your neck behind your head.  Then you press it above your head.  We did 5 sets of 2. We got up to 73 lbs.  The best part for me was that I did not once hit myself in the head with the bar!

The workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 400 m run
  • 21 kettle bell swings at 35 lbs
  • 12 pull ups

Did you see my picture from yesterday?  It still looks like that here.  I work out at 6 AM.  It was below freezing.  All winter if a workout says “run” we’ve rowed.  Not today.  Out we went.

I think I’m developing some allergies/asthma.  After I workout I get into coughing fits.  It is getting harder instead of easier to run.  I really need to go to the doctor and have this checked.  This morning running in the cold was not fun.  But I did the workout in 14:28.